Corsica: François Musso in custody. The former president of the regional branch of Credit Agricole (RPR) was pinned by the IGF.

Francois Musso had his affairs, and he did well:

former president of the regional branch of the Corsican Credit Agricole was arrested yesterday at 6 h 45 to Ajaccio airport and taken into custody by the police. The research section of Ajaccio raided his home Finosello and former MEP RPR has been cooking all day in the investigation of predatory lending in the green bank, educated in Ajaccio.

François Musso, 62, son of Senator and close to Jacques Chirac, was given a special mention in the report of the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF). She had discovered in Who’s Who as the president of the regional office, which got 3.7 million agricultural loans, had an established professional in the seventh arrondissement in Paris, which is not common for a Corsican farmer. And his record, cruelly IGF wrote, “provides illustrations to all anomalies detected by the mission: he is the beneficiary of agricultural loans while not assume the farmer functions, many of its loans are not justified, some loans are diverted from their purpose, statements are inconsistent, it benefited from irregular consolidations, settle its debt is fictitious, etc. “.

François Musso slightly annoyed inspectors. Especially when, to justify a loan of 2.3 million francs in July 1992, they found ten years work bills older than the loan “In fact, these millions, according to the IGF, allowed” the installments of 618,000 F “to the company of a good friend, Christmas Pantalacci Councilor Ajaccio and territorial adviser (various right) in Corsica. and payments of 1.8 million to the construction company to Antoniotti Natali, formerly led by former President of the General Council of Haute-Corse, himself sentenced for tax evasion.

Counterparties of this loan “have not been clarified” by inspection, it is now the gendarmes undertaking it. But the mission had noted that it was the sale of land to an Italian company that had helped pay some of the deadlines.

François Musso received another loan of 1.4 million, “supposedly used to purchase an apartment.” It would actually benefit through Anthony Luciani “at various construction companies and real estate development.” Ready partially reimbursed by Toussaint Luciani another territorial adviser (various left) and once in business with Pantalacci, which has a joint account with Anthony Luciani.

When inspecting landed at Credit Agricole Francois Musso understood the need to make a move. Two days after the start of the mission, he “cleared all its outstanding debt” is 1.67 million. With a discreet loan, still the regional office of Credit Agricole, which refuses nothing to its president: the bank paid 1.47 million to a real estate company, which, after passing before a notary, the kindly put available Francois Musso. The bank has paid the debts of the bank and had the elegance to make it through the 200 000 missing F.

François Musso, Judge Jean Gary attacks a heavyweight Corsican politics. Who is likely to suffer the same fate as Michael Valentini, president of the Chamber of Agriculture, imprisoned since May 17, or Joseph Barratier, chairman of the body of Crédit Agricole of the southern plain of Bastia, since July 9. “With this heat wave, at least it will be in the shade,” laughs an Ajaccio. Others have sweaty hands. Including the former general manager of the fund, Jean-Claude Guazzelli now responsible for finance in the Corsican executive.